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Vacuum Bottle Stopper

Vacuum Bottle Stopper

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The perfect accessory for any wine enthusiast! This bottle stopper features a unique vacuum seal, ensuring that your wine stays fresh and flavourful for days. The stopper is also engraved with "There's always time for a glass of wine", adding personality to your wine bottle. Gift boxed making this a beautiful and functional gift.

EASY TO USE: Ensure the bottle is upright and the wine has been poured to the desired level. Next, carefully align the stopper with the opening of the wine bottle and press down on the top button of the wine bottle stopper while applying steady pressure. Continue pushing until the button can no longer be pressed. This action creates an airtight seal that prevents oxygen from entering the bottle. To release the stopper simply pull it off the bottle.

Vacuum Wine Bottle Stopper from The Just Slate Company.

Design: Sayings

Dimensions: 4.5cm(Dia) x 7cm(H)

Made from: Glass

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